Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's a boys world...well for today anyway!

Today is a post with a difference, a boys opinion on fashion, I liked the idea of having a boys perspective on fashion and I had the perfect boy in mind, Mr Adam Coats, my friend Rachel’s boyfriend. Before I even met Adam I noticed his unusual style through looking at photos on Facebook of him and Rachel or just seeing him around. Now I have met Adam and can report that not only is he rocking it in the style stakes but he's a really nice, genuine boy, so I decided to ask him a few questions on his personal style and fashion in general.

1. How would you describe your style? 

Its hard to describe my style but I'd say a mixture between casual and street wear

2. Does anything in particular influence the way you dress? 

Yeah a lot of different things influence the way I dress, I go on different blogs and websites every day! Hypebeast and The Daily Street are two of my favourite blogs along with other clothing sites own blog pages! I just love to know 
about any new brands coming on the scene. 

3.Any particular designers you like?

My wardrobe is full of a different range of brands I've always had Ralph Lauren as a favourite brand of mine! Just now I'm really into Stussy, their 
products are always really fresh!! Recently I've made a few purchases 
from new brands like KNOWN and MKI, they are a new British brands just on the 
But a good thing I always remember is " it's not what u wear it's 
how you wear it! " As for footwear I have a huge range of trainers 
from Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Diadora, Puma, Vans and 
Converse! I also love Clarks Originals for a bit more of a sharp look. 
I think I have a bit of a footwear addiction!

4. Where do you shop for your clothes?  

I mostly use websites, my favourites include End clothing, Oipolloi, Urban industry, Urban Outfitters, Hypebeast, Crooked Tongues and Size? I also like to 
use Asos and Asos Marketplace for some vintage pickups! 

5. Do you think the way you dress has evolved over the years or have you always tried to be a bit different? 

I think it has evolved over the years but I definitely always tried to be different. Whether it be searching for hours for that rare pair of Adidas trainers or paying more than my weeks wage for a certain jacket or outfit. 

6. If you were to work in the fashion industry...what type of job 
would interest you? 

I would love to be a buyer for a shop and work with clothes everyday because clothing and especially trainers are a real passion of mine. Then maybe even own and run my own clothing label or shop!

I really like the way Adam “thinks out the box” and doesn't want to look the same as every other boy, he makes the way he dresses look effortless and cool. Adam was kind enough to let me use some photos of him, just so you could have a look at his style. 

Jacket - Stussy
Shirt - Ralph Lauran
Jeans - Cheap Monday
Trainers - Nike woven chukka

Hat - Carhartt
T-shirt - Known
Jacket - MKI
Chinos -Lee
Trainers - Nike air max 90

Hope you enjoyed that wee interview.

Thank you Adam :-).

Another interview coming soon...who with? I'm keeping that to myself for now.   

Jacqui xx 

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