Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Heeeyy hey,

Just a quick post today,ok, ok I know its not Monday, as was my aim for the next time to do a post but unfortunately I was struck down by the deadly sickness bug, which is going around and although I still don't feel great, I'm soldiering on due to the amount of uni work weighing me down. Anyway enough of feeling sorry for myself, I just wanted to bring your attention to my new sidebar,which is the picture of the lady with the "bloglovin" sign on her head. You can sign up to bloglovin,so that you can follow my blog and other blogs  you like, then its so easy just to pop on to your bloglovin account and you have a list of the blogs you enjoy reading and can just click on them and be taken straight to the blog.

So if you enjoy reading my blog, then please follow me through blogloving, just click on the lady and you can sign right up, only takes a minute. Thank you :)

I will try to blog tomorrow, Thursday is my new aim, seeing as Monday was rudely taken from me.

Jacqui xx

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