Saturday, 3 November 2012

Maxi Mix-up


So I've spoke about the world's most wonderful t-shirt and now to discuss the world's most wonderful skirt, I present to you the black maxi. I can not actually express how much I love this skirt (ok maybe a bit over dramatic) but I really am a big fan and in today's post I will show you just how versatile it is, styling it in 2 different ways.

One is the casual look which consists of the maxi teamed with black tights, a t-shirt, my boyfriends hoody and another one of my prized possesions...the camouflage jacket, the jacket is quite thin so I put the baggy hoody under it to keep me warm. The other is the "dressed-up" style, I'm off to my auntie's Halloween party tonight but don't really like Halloween so I'm not dressing-up but just wearing all black and putting on some dark lipstick, which is basically my version of face paint. I'm also going a bit mad and taking off my tights as the skirt is sheer, with a shorter skirt underneath so I'm feeling wild and showing a bit of leg. I'm adding my new Zara t-shirt which is heavily embellished, this is not the type of item I would normally wear, as I don't really like sparkly things but there's just something about it. I was in Zara on Thursday and spotted a slightly different white version of the t-shirt and now I'm lusting after that.

Jacket - Vintage
Hoody - Boyfriend's
Skirt - Topshop 

T-shirt (Old) - Urban Outfitters

Bag (Old) - River Island

Watch - Gift
Bracelets - Urban Outfitters
Black Stone Ring - Urban Outfitters
Middle Rings (Old) - Topshop

T-shirt - Zara
Skirt - Topshop 

Boots (Old) - Topshop

Watch - Gift
Bangle - Accesorize
Rings - Gifts 

Hope you're all enjoying the weekend.

Jacqui xx

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