Saturday, 17 November 2012

Photo-shoot Frenzy


Sorry I've been missing for the past few weeks, I've been so busy and just haven't seemed to have a minute but I promise next week I shall try to blog at least twice. Anyway I've mainly been busy with uni work, 1 piece of work being a 2000 word advertising report, which got handed in on Wednesday (1 piece of coursework down, only another 10 or something like that to go, haha!) and the other being a photo-shoot. The shoot was part of the work for a magazine, which the whole of the 2nd year Fashion Management students are creating for our Fashion Communication module. For the shoot we could either do it individually or in groups, I was in a group with 4 lovely girls and we were allocated 2 great photographers to take the photos for us, it was then our responsibility as a group to decide on location, theme, model, clothing, hair and make-up. We decided on outdoor locations and our theme was party style clothes with a confident girl out and about on her own, ready for anything the night may bring to her. We used one of the girls in our group, Emily, as our model, she did so well considering she had never modelled before and braved the freezing cold for hours, so great job Emily, we're really proud of you :)!        

Here's a sneak peak at some of the shots....

Hope you like the pictures, I promise I'll not be gone for so long this time and shall blog next week (Monday is my aim)

Hope you're all having a good Saturday, I'm off to work.

Jacqui xx

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