Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Collarless coat


So I’m really into khaki green at the moment and keep finding myself drawn towards items of clothing in this colour, so thought I would use this post to show you my khaki green Topshop coat. I got this coat at the Oxford Street store back in October and it immediately caught my eye as I think it’s quite different, especially as it’s collarless, unusual for a coat. I didn't have a chance to try it on but got a size 12, the usual size I would buy in a coat but when I tried it on, it was HUGE, I think another person could have fitted in beside me. I ended up returning the coat and ordered a size 6 from the website, as you can see it’s still big but I think the overall style of it is meant to be really baggy. It's not that thick but still quite warm and if it’s really cold I just wear a hoody or cosy jumper underneath.

I have a few exciting posts coming up in the next few weeks, that's all I'm saying for now though, it’s a secret. Keep following me to find out :-).

Jacqui xx


  1. Your coat looks so cosy, I love khaki!xx

  2. Hey, I'm so sorry I didn't reply to your comment, as I didn't even realise I had a comment, been having problems with my email.
    Thank you, it is such a cosy coat & I'm a big khaki fan too :-).
    Also I really appreciate you having a look at my blog, as its still a working progress but please follow me if you enjoy what you have read so far. I just checked out your blog & follow you xx