Saturday, 27 October 2012

Always there when in need


So what I'm wearing today is my go-to outfit,the type of outfit that does not require a lot of thought but that I'm still a big fan of. This consists of a baggy t-shirt, old faithful Leigh skinny jeans from Topshop and brogues. I wear this kind of outfit, on a busy day like today, rushing about all over the place. I've added some jewellery, just to jazz it up a bit. Lets have a little discussion about my necklace due to the fact that I'm quite new to this statement necklace malarkey. When these necklaces first started getting popular late last year, I just wasn't very keen on them and didn't feel like I suited them but after reconsidering and buying one for my friends engagement party a few months ago, I found that after all that hating, I actually liked them! I am now the proud owner of 4 statement necklaces.

I love this t-shirt, I know it doesn't look overly exciting but I don't know what it is I just really like it, the colour, the fit and the actually style of it is just cool. I got it from Topshop a few weeks ago and it was only £16, its available in a black and white too, I can hear them calling my name already. I think this is quite a versatile t-shirt too because although its quite casual, I would probably wear this on a night out with maybe a maxi skirt or shorts and lots of jewellery. Rant over about the most wonderful t-shirt in the world :).

T-shirt & Jeans -  Topshop

Brogues - Topshop sale
Necklace - Urban Outfitters 

Middle Rings - LLYMLRS Shop
Black Stone Ring - Urban Outfitters

Sorry about the sideways pictures of my shoes and rings, I'm not sure why these are sideways and it was not through lack of trying that they did not rotate. 

Until next time! 

Jacqui xx

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